Child Abuse, the Response of Senior Office Holders and the Roman Catholic Church

The Roman Catholic Church remains involved globally in allegations of non-recent child abuse with resignations, criminal trials and convictions occurring in Australia, Chile and France in recent months. The allegations involve ever more senior members of the Church in their respective countries.

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The Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse announces mandatory reporting seminar

A mandatory reporting seminar will be held on 27 September 2018. Its aim is to gather information and views on whether mandatory reporting should be introduced as a response to child sexual abuse.  The seminar will invite key individuals with valued insight in the subject and will examine the issues, concerns and practical implications of mandatory reporting.  Continue reading

Inquiries update

The four active national abuse inquiries are all at the moment running smoothly, a positive step for the inquiries in Scotland and England and Wales in particular. Recent progress and up-coming developments are summarised below.

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IICSA further preliminary hearings

Two more preliminary hearings have considered administrative matters relating to the Roman Catholic Church and the Children Overseas investigations. Comments made within these make it clear that the Inquiry diary for 2017 is in reality already full. A summary of the key information to date is as follows: Continue reading

Scottish Chair Resigns

The Chair of the Scottish Child Abuse Inquiry, Susan O’Brien QC has resigned. The Deputy First Minister has written to parliament advising he had already initiated a formal process which could have led to removal of the chair from her post. Continue reading

Scotland Update – the O’Brien Inquiry

The Scottish Government’s Child Abuse Inquiry has been rocked in its infancy by the resignation of  Psychology Professor Michael Lamb, one of its three core members. Claiming the Inquiry is “doomed” due to interference from the Scottish government and has suffered “repeated threats” to its independence, the professor’s resignation comes as the Inquiry embarks on its four-year review, having already heard from some seriously ill or very elderly survivors.

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The Royal Commission – recent developments

As the Royal Commission in to Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse in Australia progresses in its third year, having held over 5000 private sessions with victims and survivors and having to date concluded and published reports in to 22 investigations it leads the way as an example for what we are likely to see as the IICSA progresses in England and Wales and the Scottish Child Abuse Inquiry proceeds in Scotland.

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